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E Amoris 'Visual' Latinum - TOS Review: Visual Latin


WHY would anyone want to learn Latin?

The question without a doubt should be:


Latin is the basis of what is known as the Romance Languages. It is said that there are 25 of these languages. Amongst them are the 6 most widely spoken languages which include: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Romanian and Catalan ... then there is also Walloon :)
Latin paves the way to so many languages. As it is either the basis of a language or influenced another language, learning Latin can only help if you want to learn other languages and/or to better understand English that is heavily influenced by Latin. 
Apart from Latin having influenced MANY languages, Latin is also used in the medical and other sciences fields.

So, speaking of learning Latin... here is a great quote (borrowed from Visual Latin's FB page) - 

‎"I would make them all learn English; and then I would let

the clever ones learn Latin as an honor, and Greek as a 

treat." --Sir Winston Churchill

DISCLAIMER: Recently I was fortunate enough to have received a free downloadable version of the first 10 lessons of Visual Latin for review purposes. In exchange for this free product that I've used with my children, I provide Visual Latin with an honest, personal opinion of their product. 

Quid hoc 'Visual Latin'? (what is Visual Latin?)

Visual Latin is a:

Visual (as in video clips),


... way to learn Latin. It is a full Latin Curriculum that caters to various learning styles.

Meet our teacher - Dwane Thomas:

Well, I say OUR teacher, because I've been enjoying this with both my children (11 & 8).

Dwane is a passionate, inspiring, friendly and fun teacher who you would love to have in your home teaching your children Latin. He is passionate about the Latin language and can speak 4 other languages. Dwane  has a relaxed teaching style, speaking directly to the viewer as if he is right infront of you. He makes jokes throughout the videos and is very easy to listen to.  New concepts are introduced in an easy to understand manner.

To learn more about the Teacher (Dwane Thomas) and the Producer (Thomas Purifoy) of Visual Latin, visit this page HERE.

Currently Visual Latin has 40 Lessons available. Latin 1 has 30 lessons and Latin 2 has 10 lessons at present. These lessons include 3 videos (Grammar, Sentences and Reading) and 3 PDFs (Instruction, Worksheets and Answer pages).

The first video in each lesson has a grammar focus where Dwane introduces a new concept.


In the second video Dwane uses the new concept in different Latin sentences.

In the third video Dwane reads a passage from a Latin book while the words are on the screen, then he reads it again slowly and the student repeats it after him. This way the student hears, sees and repeats out loud what was learned.

Each video is approximately 8 minutes in duration after which there is a worksheet to complete.

The worksheets are short and my kids enjoyed completing them. Both of the children had a huge sense of satisfaction after completing the worksheets, in particular Worksheet C. Completing Worksheet C means that they understood and translated the passage from Latin into English! WOW! "Mum, this is sooo much fun!", is what I've often heard form my 11 year old daughter.

If you want Dwane to tell you about Visual Latin himself, then just follow THIS LINK to watch a video clip of him explaining what it is.

How did we use it ... and did we like it?

We tried to do three lessons a week. Sometimes we could not quite make it, however, other times we did two full lessons at a time.

During each lesson we would watch the first video while my kids sat with pen and paper / e-pads and write/type up the Latin concepts and phrases that Dwane introduced. (They did this on their own volition). After the video they did the first worksheet. The second video and worksheet followed. In between this I sometimes had to pause the video while the kids tried to string new Latin sentences together with the new words and concepts and what they remembered from the previous lessons. It made for some very fun times. We also tried to guess what some words might mean before Dwane gives the translation of it. Sometimes we were even correct : ) and we had to celebrate with a loud: "OH YEAH!"

We liked it so much that I purchased the next 30 lessons! So it gets a HUGE THUMBS UP from our entire family.

Quanti constat? (How much is this?)

Visual Latin is available in downloadable format as well as DVD format. The DVD formats are also available as a single/family licence or as a group/class licence.

For the first 10 lessons pricing is as follows:

Download version single licence: US$25

DVD version single licence: US$30
DVD version group licence: US$150

We've received the downloadable files for single/family use which retails for US$25 for a 10 lesson package.
The downloads are available as an HD zip file as well as an iPod zip file. 

Check out the other products (including an online class) which are available HERE - both products you pay for as well as free products.

As always I appreciate when people are so confident in their product that they are willing to give some of it away for free. Visual Latin does not disappoint: to download 4 Intro lessons plus 2 regular lessons for free follow this LINK.

If you need to see more, you can go to the YouTube Channel:

Visual Latin also has a FaceBook page over HERE.

The website is easy to navigate and full of information.

As I'm aware that this review is turning into a mini novel, I'd stop here and let you go and enjoy browsing their site on your own. So go and grab a cuppa, put up your feet and get excited about learning Latin!

To read what my fellow Crew Mates think about this product, please visit the Crew's website HERE.

Benedictio Dei

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